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Quick tips for yo' tricks, so you would get picks

Hey there, and welcome to our growing community! :)
This is a very simple and quick tutorial page, on how the site works and how to use it. NB! We are developing the site 24/7, also it is still in BETA state. So this tutorial is written on how things actually work right now, not on how they should be working in the future. If you see a bug, then please report it :)

How to ask a question

First off. We do not accept anything else but only media-links in the big-grey-posting-field. Media links are image-urls or supported tubesites aka. the "hosters" (you can find the full list of content hosters, who we support). Link from a hoster, can be either their embed link or basic page link. Submitter accepts ONLY URL's and nothing else. Remove all HTML or any other parameter around it. Example:
  • Good URL: />
  • BAD URL: />
  • Good URL: />
  • BAD URL: />
  • VERY BAD URL: / hi guys, what is the name
NB! After we confirm that your media is support by us and we can render it on our site, then a dropdown will appear and you can add your questions details there.
We highly recommend to make a custom title for your question. Really put some thought into it, so it would stand out from the others. This way you will get the answer quicker. Long descriptions are your best friend. Describe where you found it and why are you asking this question. Make your post unique and kind people will give you answer faster.
There is also a option to make a thread. Threads are for discussions or very long-taking questions, like about that video you saw 10 years ago (this will get hung, and nobody can't solve it in 2 hours).
If you do a question, where there is no media-url, like we mentioned above, of the video you once saw.. Then use most highly relevant picture, that stands out of course. Otherwise nobody will check it out.
For un-registered users, there is also an e-mail field. This is so, that we can send you message, when your post gets a comment or gets answered. This feature is still in development and may not always work. So please bookmark your post and come check it out once in a while. We are very fast on this site, thanks to our supreme army of users. So when they do give you an answer, that could be described "more then you expected" -- show your respect and gratitude by pressing the button MARK AS CORRECT on the correct comment. This way this is marked as correct, hooked for life to the question for future searchers and also the guy, who took time to help you out, will get some points. If you wish, leave comment saying thanks, that would be really awesome :)
Do not post extremely amateur stuff, that is gonna get trashed. You can check out our Trash Bin. There are alot of my-ex-gf posts. Those are absolutely random images and most of the times have got no names. Then again, if its in the trash, it still can be answered and miracles do happen. Basically, do not post girls pictures from your facebook link, they don' do porn and it will never get answered.

Posting limits

We have set posting limits, so users cannot post 100 posts in 30 minutes. It is naive to think, that this user will go back and accept correct answers. t.edelstar-shop.ru is not a pornsite, where to share everything you see on internet. It is a Q&A site, where you can ask questions in regards of unknown content on the internet. Flood limits are set to 1 post per 5 minutes and 24 posts per 24 hours.
Also users, who have more then 100 posts (non-threads), with possible answers waiting to be reviewed. These users are doing something systematically wrong and need to go and accept correct answers for their own posts.

Answering / Commenting

Answering or commenting. There is a different. If you want to comment something, then just comment. But if you wish to answer the question and get your answer marked as correct. Then you must use the correct answering syntax, that is explained below.
Pay good attention to the question. If they only want to know the name, then we accept only with the name. If OP wants to find the video, then only accept with a video URL. But we always recommend to add the name and video regardless of what the question is. If you have name, some production info like a data18.com link and finally a video URL. If its all put into correct tags, then your looking at a perfect answer that will get picked up by our moderators very fast. Check out this perfect example made by Dr_PreX.
Basically, any info on the original post can help someone else. So if you know the name, post the name with name tags. Or if you have a video, post the link.
Something that you should definitely do, is doable comment. Like if you have name in first comment and then you find a video to match. We can only accept one answer/comment. So don't do a new comment, just edit the first one. So it has name + video link. This by the way is gonna be picked up by our moderation department and will be accepted much more faster, then if it would be in two comments.
When you answer, USE THE CORRECT SYNTAX! The syntax is very simple:
ExampleWhat it doesWhat its not for
[Janice Griffith]These tags the actors name for directory purposes and makes moderation much faster.Do not add all names in one tag like: [Janice Griffith Shae Summers Ava]. This is very wrong!. Do it correct: [Janice Griffith], [Shae Summers] and [Ava]
{MOVIE TITLE}These tags are only for movie titles and nothing else.Putting video URLS into it like {/ Sure it makes the URL nice and bold or maybe even makes the embed container. But for directory proposes, you are killing the system :/
**Some bold text**This very simply makes some part of your text bold.Do not bold your entire comment. First off its rude, secondly, it will ruin all the other syntax's. If name and movie titles are already bold, if they are tagged, then you don't need to over-bold them.
*Some italic text*Makes part of your text italic.Same "what not to do's" as the bold-tag
URL'sImages, URL's and supported embed hosts, will be calculated automatically. DO NOT WRAP IN ANY HTML-CODE OR NTP-TAGGING, ITS POINTLESS.
If you wish to make reference to another NTP's post, then use the other posts short-url aka. surl which will generate a preview box.

Trusted links

Trusted links are direct links to publishers/content makers websites. Having a trusted link inside your answer will lower the amount of confirms needed for your answer to get accepted by auto_moderator.

NB! You should link directly to the scene on the publishers website like this:
/> Linking just: / won't work.

View all the trusted link providers at the List of all Trusted Links thread.

Unaccepted answers

While the main objective of this site is, that users who ask questions would select the correct answer -- we do moderate to speed up the process. Moderating team selects the correct answer by:
  • Subject: Has the question been answered
  • Format: Are correct tags been used while answering
  • Quality: If there are multiple questions, that match the above criteria, quality will be checked
These 3 points are critical of any answer. If subject and format are not met, then it wont be accepted. If such is the case, the comment will be marked with a notification and anyone, who sees it has the opportunity to correct the mistake and gather the points. There is no such thing as stealing points! If the previous commenter, did not answer the question and/or use the correct format, then the answer is unacceptable.

All users who confirmed unaccepted answer, will get negative points for not verifying first, if answer is correct. Also all confirms will be reset for that answer. The unaccepted label will be gone, once the problem has been resolved and answer has been edited.


If you are NTP member with at least level 5, you can confirm other members comments. Confirmed comments get reviewed over anything else. If you want to keep this community running and help us out, then please confirm answers, that you are sure that is correct. Sooner then you might think, that person will come to your profile and check out your comments made, and reviews them and gives confirms to you too. Yet our solve ratio goes up and everybody is happy. Confirm guys, confirm! :) (But only, if you are sure, its the correct answer ofc..) There is a thread, where lower levels can ask for confirms to gain level -- A thread to request confirms.

If you however confirm unacceptable answers, it will result in no gain in points, but negative event in your profile. Make sure, that the answer is correct first! Do not mass confirm! Do not exchange confirms, with specific users -- messing around and cheating the system will get you banned.

Reporting problems / Contacting us

We love to get suggestions and even more we like bug reports. Since the site is in heavy development, then bugs come and go. Some are big and some are small. But we don't like bugs, so if you spot any, please send us some feedback This might be our e-mail, might not be..

Embed content providers

We support a wide range of content hosts (38 to be precise), some have duration's and thumbnails, some have simple embed windows. Here is a full list of supported hosts, who's content you can easily post and will be embed automatically:gfycat.com, giphy.com, redgifs.com, xhamster.com, pornhub.com, redtube.com, youporn.com, tube8.com, xtube.com, hardsextube.com, xvideos.com, spankbang.com, youtube.com, dailymotion.com, heavy-r.com, porntube.com, fux.com, nuvid.com, anysex.com, 3movs.com, youjizz.com, peekvids.com, playvids.com, cliphunter.com, porndoo.com, pornve.com, zbporn.com, tnaflix.com, xcafe.com, empflix.com, 4tube.com, brazzers.com, motherless.com, porn.com, drtuber.com, hdzog.com, pornhost.com, luv2skeet.com.
If you are a hoster and you wish your site would be embed at NTP. Contact us via email at This might be our e-mail, might not be..
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